Getting Started

SendWith is a thin wrapper around your existing email service provider's API. It allows you to send emails from your app without having to worry about the complexities of email delivery.


Before you can start using SendWith, you'll need to have an email service provider account. SendWith currently supports the following email service providers:

  • Gmail or Google Workspace: SendWith uses the Gmail API to send emails. To install Google Workspace on your new domain, follow these instructions.

  • Outlook (coming soon): SendWith will soon support the Outlook API for sending emails.


1. Sign up for an account

To activate SendWith, sign up for an account. The email you use to sign in can be different from the email you use to send emails. For example, you can sign in with your personal email and send emails from your work email.

2. Add an email service provider account like Gmail or Google Workspace

After you sign up, click the "Connect Email" button. You'll be prompted to sign in to your email service provider account and grant SendWith permission to send emails on your behalf.

You can also use email aliases. Email aliases are alternative email addresses that you can use to send emails from your account. To add an email alias, see the following instructions for Gmail and instructions for Google Workspace.

When authenticating with Gmail, SendWith will ask for permission to send email using your email service provider account. This permission is not selected by default, be sure to check the box to grant permission. We don't ask for any other permissions such as reading your emails or contacts.

3. Get an API key

After you give SendWith permission to access your email service provider account, it will generate an API key that you can use to send emails from your app.


To send an email using SendWith, you can use the following example code. Replace SENDWITH_API_KEY with the API key you received from SendWith and with the email you authenticated with.

That's it! You can check that the email was sent by logging in to your email service provider account and looking for the email in your sent folder.


  • Simple API: SendWith provides a simple API that allows you to send emails with just a few lines of code.

  • Reliable Delivery: SendWith uses your existing email service provider's API to send emails, ensuring reliable delivery.

  • Observable: Emails are stored in your email service provider's sent folder, so you can easily track the emails you send, as if you sent them manually.